Our business model focuses on two main actions that work in harmony for our clients: the promotion and commercialization of residential projects; and strategy consulting for real estate investors.

“A dream is just a dream.
A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.””


New construction and redevelopment
At REMI, our primary focus on residential development projects is based on our wealth of experience working on various types of project in a range of locations:
Greenfield sites & demolition/reconstruction
Change of use, redevelopment and relocation
Reparceling (full or partial)
At REMI, we ensure you get tailor-made services based on the intrinsic nature of the property and its location, and our sales team is particularly skilled at managing the various target markets.
Preliminary analysis
Discussing strategies and project details as much as possible is essential in order to maximize the results of commercialization efforts. REMI has the fundamental experience and research expertise needed to support your own goals and objectives
Market analysis, target markets, pricing, and product positioning
Mix of property types & sizes and of project features (services, materials, technologies)
Commercialization strategy and tools
At REMI, we possess a set of advanced tools and capabilities that we can adapt to meet the specific needs of the given project and target market based on a structured cost/benefit analysis.
Pre-sale strategies
Previews and private-sale events
Launch events and campaigns
Sales office and showroom setup, on-site or in other locations
Coordinated marketing and communication channels (e.g. social media, press, billboards, etc.)
Physical and next-generation digital media (websites, brochures, rendering, 3D virtual tours, etc.)
Development of the customer experience
At REMI, we view our day-to-day sales efforts as an integral business process that we manage with great care and attention to ensure that each stage of the process leads to maximum performance
Dedicated sales team and structured contact management
Carefully controlled standards of quality (timing, the sharing of information, feedback & tracking)
Software developed in-house for virtual tours and meetings, supplemented by commercial support materials
Back-office and commercial database management with dedicated planning and reporting tools
Certified forms and contracts
Advanced buyer support, from preliminary assessment to delivery of the property, provided by our specialized, in-house personnel (architecture/design, legal, administration)
Management of the customer relationship
REMI’s organization is structured so as to best meet the needs of our individual and institutional clients, with a particular emphasis on reliability and cost containment.
Flexible contracts and thorough service level agreements
Stability in contact people for the various areas of operations
Availability of in-house services and quality vendors for support materials and services
Timely reporting and detailed administrative/accounting data
Accurate document and legal-affairs management
Phygital Applications
Data Analysis
Strategy & Project Management
Virtual Experience
Brand Identity & Communication
Visual & Contents Strategy

To meet the needs of clients and developers, we take full advantage of the latest analysis tools and marketing techniques, and we have developed proprietary software to streamline the sales process and to generate ROI more quickly than the traditional approaches.

We invest in these factors for every sale assigned to us, so that we always have the best, most engaging virtual tours and other interactive tools and technologies in order to reach key performance goals in all that we do.


Site/project scouting
Network of partners and collaborators to monitor the market
Management of off-market negotiations
Access and selection in complex portfolios
Technical analysis and business planning
Preliminary technical, zoning and financial analysis
Market analysis
Up-to-date database of development-cost benchmarks
Development/revision of complete business plans
Coordination of full due diligence (technical/zoning, legal, fiscal)
Structured finance / Fundraising / Club deals
Fundraising (equity, debt) with consolidated network of private and institutional investors
Organization and management of club deals
Integration with crowdfunding platforms
Help in presenting the project to financial institutions
Selected assets and property portfolios
Off-market management of properties in the luxury residential, commercial, and office markets
Development and sale of diversified portfolios

“Our house is built on complete customer satisfaction.””


At REMI, we approach each and every sale with the best tools for the job, so as to reach the performance goals that are essential to success, and namely: target price, fast sale, and excellence in the customer experience.

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